Shift: K’Rd Underground

Shift events were a well known staple of Auckland party goers diets for several years. It was a blend of new age meets raver meets have you heard this style of music yet? With humble beginnings in house party fashion,… Continue Reading →

Oasis Pool Party

Oasis was a bit of a different take on things. A mash of events rolled into one with various contests including a ‘beach body’ competition. Oasis was hosted by┬áBoko O’Great, with contest judges ice hockey Olympic gold medalist Chris Belanger… Continue Reading →

Sparky Dog NZ Interview (Fatcat)

Better known as K90, Mark Doggett (Sparky Dog) made a name himself in the hard dance scene. While maintaining his passion for the harder genres, his interest was also ‘sparked’ by the sound of house music. Claiming to “be inspired… Continue Reading →

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