To celebrate the launch of Auranoc aside from putting together a sweet beach party, we wanted to offer something that would bring back that feeling to those that came along! 1000 CD’s were given out to our party people for being awesome. The CD’s have been spotted playing in gyms, law offices and even overseas cafes!

A big shout-out to all the contributing artists!



  1. Bob Sinclair – I feel For You (Ditto & Cam Harris Groove Edit)
  2. Daniel Farley – Running
  3. Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Ditto Groove Edit)
  4. Dirty South – Let it Go (Lusion Remix)
  5. Paul Sirell – The One I’m Dreaming Of
  6. Kids of 88 – Tucan (Chores & Ditto Remix)
  7. Ditto – Misellany (Dub Mix)
  8. Jetski Safari – Like A ┬áLie (Daniel Farley Remix)
  9. Sparky Dog – Dirty Games
  10. Dejakal – Hey! Aye!
  11. Aural Trash – Circus & Chainsaws (Dj Red Star Remix)
  12. Greg Churchill – Serial Thriller (Timmy Schumacher Remix)
  13. Jaycen A’Mour & Pron – Combo Breaker (Alex Mild Remix)
  14. Tania M ft Koil Statik – Melt (Pron Remix)
  15. Jaycen A’Mour & Pron – That’s My Shit (FTampa Remix)
  16. MC Mas ft Emma Hand – The Bright Side (Mikael Wills D&B Remix)