After being open for 7 years, in 2013, the iconic Coherent Night Club of Auckland City’s infamous K’rd shut it’s doors for the last time. Owner Andy attributed the decision to close the doors to Coherent to “tough economic times” coupled with a change in social culture, saying that Auckland City at least has “shifted away from nightclubs and more to bar drinking holes”. Coherent was a well known ‘underground club’ that gave stage to many promoters to push various sounds. From early adoption of dub step gigs by promoters like Unity Events, to die-hard break beat gigs by Raiders, hard house events by the famous Meltdown crew, garage & deep house by the fatcat and just about every house sub genre we haven’t heard of thanks to promoters like Collude.

Coherent was a knight of honor in a scene that had become saturated by commercial crap. Pretty much the best word you could use to describe the fun/madness that has taken place, and without a doubt, we’ve only seen the half of it! But we’ve heard it all; A-Track, Stacey Pullen, Derrick May, The Nextmen, DJ Marky, Mark Rae, Kid Kenobi, DJ Ajax, Francois K, Bryan Gee, DJ Yoda, DJ Krush, Kid Koala ,Fake Blood , DJ Hype, DJ Zinc . Sinden and many, many more. The list is numerous. To celebrate the closure, owner Andy and manager Glen wanted to go out with a bang! Featuring their good friends (and legends) State Of Mind and Bulletproof for one last party called ‘Last Call’. Glen and Andy went on to say “Needing little introduction, both acts and have torn it up hugely at Coherent many times before. Therefore it is fitting they tear us an entirely new asshole, one last time”. For those of us lucky enough to experience Coherent, we remember the many international acts hosted, the dirty floors, the dark corners, the amazing sound system and the friendly staff that loved what they were a part of. While Coherent indeed closed its doors for the last time, the party will keep going at Ink Bar next door which has expanded into becoming a 3 room venue.

(Warp @ Coherent by Fatcatgigs)

(Coherent sound-test / walk through)