Last summer Auranoc ran a pool party called “Oassis”. While an uninvited guest was a downpour of rain throughout the day, party goers were still undetured. With collection of beads for prizes and a bikini contest for entertainment, there was plenty of reason to ignore the rain. We catch up with the very naturally sexy contest winner Amy, check out what she has to say!

First of all congratulations!

What was it like being involved in the bikini body competition and what made you decide to enter?

I enjoy entering bikini comps.  For myself I never had any self-confidence until I was 24. My brother entered me in a competition which I won.  I have been getting an adrenalin rush from them ever since!  If I can be blunt. I entered to win the prize money as I had recently been made redundant.

What did you think of the judges and their questions?

The judges were brilliant!  Some of their questions were definitely out of left field and you really had to think outside the box.
What was it like having to compete against the other beautiful ladies?
The other girls were stunning!  At the end of the day, everyone is beautiful in their own right.  It comes down to what the particular judges are looking for on the day.  And they do also look for presentation, crowd involvement and confidence (that’s a BIG one!).What kind of fitness routine do you follow to keep your body in shape?Oh you are going to hate me for this.But I haven’t worked out for over 3 months now due to personal circumstances. I’m lucky that I have great genetics and that my body doesn’t change very much.  I was training with CrossFit Auckland, doing Bikram yoga and just going out and doing fun things like wakeboarding, paddle boarding, fly boarding etc..
How do you keep up that amazing glowing tan of yours?
Honestly?  I sunbathe naked.  I am very aware of the sun, so never wear sunscreen.  Who wants to put chemicals on their skin?  No thanks!  Hence why I also don’t apply fake tan.  That stuff stinks!  So I go out and sunbathe for about an hour anytime the sun is out.  I might have the Cancer Society after me for this but I have had my skin photographed under UV light  by a professional and they have said that my skin is perfectly normal.  I’m 32 and I don’t think I have “aged” too badly..
If you had to chose only three skin care products to take to a deserted island, what would you chose?
3 skin care products to a desert island (not sunscreen haha) I prefer to go as natural as possible with everything I use.  I would take coconut oil, face wash and baking soda.  (Baking soda is great for whitening your teeth and you can add it to your face wash for an instant facial scrub) and if I could take two more it would be Organics Shampoo and deodorant.  Clean hair and smelling good is super important!
What are your all time favorite make up products and what’s your favorite make up look for summer?
I don’t wear makeup a lot.. but when I do it’s just some BB cream, bronzer, blush, and lip balm.  I get eyelash extensions which makes it so much quicker to get ready to go out than fluffing around with mascara.  Favorite makeup look for summer is no makeup.  That stuff clogs up your pores!
You’re given a huge megaphone which you can use to tell the whole world just one thing, what do you say?

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.