Drum & Bass Kiwi duo putting their mark on the scene

We caught up with Mc Mas & Dj Marine, it’s worth to say these two, having over 20 years experience between them, MC Mas & Dj Marine are a duo you just can’t funk with.


Mc Mas has released numerous hip hop tracks, seeing solid play on healthy underground airwaves as well as enjoying commercial success with tracks like ‘By Myself‘ & ‘The Bright Side‘. His quick tongue has earned him a name in both the NZ urban and dance scenes, with promoters quick to turn to him when in the need of an MC. Marine, coming from traditional turn tablist roots, understands the art of dj’ing to a tee. Having started out as a ‘hardcore’ dj (yes the stuff over 150bpm) Marine has journeyed through the genres finding his love in Drum & Bass & Breaks. Although Marine is not shy of production, he admits to being most attracted to the art of live sampling. Individually great, amazing together, this duo has given heartfelt performances at many shows around New Zealand, especially being known for their part in the Shift event series as well as Fatcat-gigs.

Through introducing sampling into their sets and bringing a high energy performance to the stage, they are known to get crowds moving. While the guys have made waves on the local scene, they hope to reach many new shores with their latest work. Mc Mas and Dj Marine rely on their unique stage presence and performing ability to bring their sound to the ear-drums of new fans, while they keep the music flowing. From here on, the guys plan to focus on their duo performance, aiming to perfect their already amazing synergy. Check out the video below to hear the full story of how the two got together, as well as enjoying a bit of an insight on the lives of each. It’s Mc Mas & Dj Marine!