Picked up by Box Set Records, ‘Film Sexy’ is a quirky synth lead tune, breaking into chopped samples and donky bass. This tune is sure to fit in with a modern setting of Miami Vice or Starsky & Hutch!

The inspiration from the track – and the vocal sample – come as a result of a TV mature rating warning. Lusion speaks fluent Romanian, and while he was watching a program with his brother, when the warning came on – “Programul acesta este interzis pentru copii” – In English, it should translate to “The following program is not suitable for children” – but if you translate it word for word it’s more like “This program is illegal for children” – kinda giving off the vibe that if you’re a kid and you watch it. You’re going to get the law book thrown at you. Heavy.

They thought about the language a bit more and thought back to some childhood memories of terrible freshness situations. A prude old timer may even go as far as saying they don’t want to watch something because it’s “Too sexy” –

With this in mind, Lusion quickly got to putting the track together. Had to be something that was going to be – sexy – almost.. – too sexy! Film – SEXY!

Film Sexy is available on Beatport and on most major online music sellers.