Code Breaker gets fairly complex, heck borderline messy, what lead to its creation? Where was the influence from?

This track.. this track was a lot of fun to make. It’s kinda nuts how things totally unrelated come together sometimes. One of my favorite game series of all time is the original Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. In DK 2, the mine levels have such great use of an anvil sound in the music that it just ropes you in.I’ve always loved that and though how clever it was for them to do that. So I thought, ok i’v got to use an anvil. The mind then veered onto a whole different wavelength and thought Morse code.

Morse code in a tune?

Well, I thought how about I use Morse code in the song. In the main breakdown of the song when the lead is going, the lead, when deciphered with Morse code, Spells out “Code Breaker”!¬†Although the tune sits at 120 bpm range, I wanted to give it a feel of urgency – must get the code out! – so that’s how the arpeggio bit came into the mix with an overall nu-funk vibe. The bassline comes from influence of garage tunes with the complextro elements coming from glitch.I really like the groove that some glitch track artists like Froxic, Royal Blood and Opiuo achieve. With a lot of their tunes you can’t help but literally bounce your head along, so I try to apply some of that to my faster bpm style.

Where can we grab a copy of the track from?

Beatport and lots of other places, just do a google search!