Jaques Le Noir really caught our attention with his high quality sounds. Its like the guy can’t seem to make a bad tune! We caught up with our new Italian friend and here is what he had to say about a few things personal to his musical journey…

What was it like growing up in Italy were there any difficulties or advantages? 

Growing up in Italy has always been very difficult, and I realized immediately.
I always have a style that I liked but that was not appreciated in Italy, especially because the fashions of the moment went against the tide. I honestly hate Italy and do not love my country, I think the only good thing that there is in Italy is the food and the beautiful landscapes of some regions, there is another and should be all cleared and designed from scratch including the political branch really embarrassed. I was immediately appreciated abroad and I was happy!
In Italy there is a rule for centuries: If you’re good I’ll break your legs because you steal my space, if you’re not good do not give anything to anyone.
At the base of Italian culture is very selfish and many wrong practices: “Everyone pulls water to his mill” This is a classic Italian said.

What sort of music was playing around the household while you were growing up?

I was born April 27, 1986 and in those years c’erao still strong tendencies 90s definitely with Corona, Alexia, Ice Mc, Everything But The Girl and many others with whom I grew up.
I’ve always loved the very even Queen and Freddy Mercury, my parents always listened to them while traveling in the car.

How did dance music, especially house music, first come to your attention?

During the years when I was little and I started DJing, I went out with my first pseudonym “Jack”, which is derived from my name “James Bisciarri” (a nickname) and in those years was very electronic music mixed with house music , there were also influences of tech house with Italian artists like Joy Kitikonti and Ricky Le Roy that I followed a lot for years.
I always loved electronic sounds and I fall in love with a song “Joy Kitikonti – Pornojoy” from which I took inspiration for many songs of my first album. Tied to this strong wave electronics, as I said before there were artists like David Morales with “How Would You Feel” that marked the priam phase of my adolescence and made me love the house music.

The ‘chillout’ music that you make seems to have a lot of funk influence, how did you get into this?

The funk is the basis of the rhythm and melody of all the songs it, we need to make it catchy and melodic.
My influence comes from love Ragge, hip hop and lave heard a lot of music on the radio and on the web, the funk was always one of my favorite genres.

Something common in all your music is really beautiful melodies. Do you have any formal training in piano or other instruments?

Absolutely not, I’m not a musician, and I do not know the scale of notes. I only have good taste and know when things can work or not. Surely a lot of school I made about 1000 by building mashups with the pseudonym Bsharry, this is the project in which they are certainly much better known in the world. Building mashups with 6 discs together must understand the shades of various songs and what can stay together and what does not bind. They are self-taught 100%.



You have had quite a lot of top 100 tracks, heck quite a few #1 tracks! What was your first song that you feel put you on the map as an artist?

The first song I did was built while in junior high school, I think it was “Diaboliko”, all built entirely with FL Studio, did not even know what it was mastering and mixing, but I wanted to express something close to electronic sounds Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Vitalic. The first album from a few years ago in fact have all that imprint.

Were you surprised? What went through your mind as you saw the success rise?

Yes, I was very happy and I realized that the project “Bsharry” that proto on for much longer I had to devote more time to something different like the deep and indie. I quickly realized that the project Jaques Le Noir (one of my many projects, I have about 50 in my name only) was a cutting edge on which to devote my energies and ideas.

Out of all of your production tools, what is one you would encourage others to use?

My one and only instrument of production, FL STUDIO 9, use many samples of ezzi the past that stirred or rework.

You have really accomplished a lot and done well, and it’s well deserved, but what goals do you have for your music moving forward?

Surely reach many people as possible around the world, to present my music and what I like, which is often very forward to the fashions of the moment.
I listened to a lot of music since I was little, I spent cica 8 hours a day in a record store near my country listening to me from rock, pop, indie, lounge, dance etc .. I learned to understand that music is beautiful throughout, if done well and with taste.


While making music, do you have any habits, good or bad? (chewing gum, smoking, eating m&m’s that kind of thing)?

I am a “good eater”, the only things I do not like are the fish and cheese (stink disgustingly for my taste)
I am a “drugged” of peach tea and juices!

If someone reading this sees you play live and want to buy you a drink, what should they get you?!

You should drink a nice peach tea ahaha (also the title of one of my songs out recently on Hotfinger)

Whats the best place for people new to your music to follow you?

Definitely my website jaqueslenoir.com resubmit to all the various social networking sites like soundcloud and facebook!

Jaques, thank you for your time it’s been great talking to you and we will be sure to keep locked onto your music!

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