We caught up with newly formed drum and bass trio ‘Experiment 4’ here is a little about the crew and what they have to say, with a peek at some of their work.

2 Guys & a girl = Drum & Bass did you see this coming 5 years ago?

Ben. Never in a million years
Haz. No way! I, myself, was too involved in Hardstyle to have enough time to produce Drum and Bass, but I have always loved it and listened to it, since I was a kid.
Carla. Not at all. I’ve always been involved in music in one way or another, but I never thought I’d be the lead singer of a Drum & Bass band.

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You all have individual stories, but how did you all meet one another and what was the moment that made you decide to work together?

Ben. I’ve known Haz for many years through the local DJ’ing scene. I have yet to meet Carla as she lives overseas but I am excited to work with someone who has fantastic talent.
Haz. Carla and I are childhood friends from Singapore, Ben and I know each other through DJing, UPFM and such. Need I say more?
Carla. I’ve known Haz since we were kids (literally) cause our parents were friends. We grew up together in Singapore and, more often than not, got into a lot of trouble. He’s always been there to bail me out, though.

We’ve always talked about working together one day. We kind of sync in terms of our creativity and direction. So when he told me his idea of starting a DnB band, all I said was “What do you need me to do?”. I trust him and his artistic talent. I’ve never met Ben, but I hear him and Haz make quite the domesticated couple. I can’t wait to be in NZ to hang out with both of them and to create some kick-ass music!


What were your individual music backgrounds prior to teaming up?

Ben. I was a Multi genre DJ for the radio station UP FM. Playing all dance genres from House to Hardcore, Glitch to Dnb and everything in between.
Haz. Honestly, I grew up listening to everything, but was primarily fascinated with hardcore punk music as a genre, when I was 15, I started to take the dance music I had been listening to throughout my life a little more seriously, and it grew from there. But usually I will listen to Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, The temptations. I love the stories in the music.
Carla. I learnt the violin when I was like 7 but I quickly gave up cause people thought I was a hazard to noise pollution. I realized that wasn’t my strongest suit and decided to go into singing instead. I’ve been singing for about 16 years now and I love it. I’ve also upgraded from singing in the shower to singing at concerts and gigs around Asia. So that’s pretty cool.

You all bring your unique skill set to the combo, are there overlaps? as in wold one of you be a backup vocalist, or perhaps have some unique production skill? Or are you quite set in your roles?

Ben. I believe I bring tricks and experience I picked up by mixing all types of music together that will help Experiment4 reach a new sound of Dnb that will set it above the rest.
Haz.  I think primarily, we have our own roles, but as we grow and expand our vision as a group, we are learning a lot about what each other’s roles are and how being more involved in another role can compliment your own creativity.
Carla. I’m sure the boys could do some singing but I possess no skills what-so-ever in music production so I leave that entirely to them. It still amazes me how quickly they can come up with something so unique and captivating that all I have to do is add the vocals. I think the only other way I can contribute to the team is maybe by playing the triangle? And even that might be a bad idea.

What is your mechanical tool case for music making? Any favorite Plug-Ins?

Ben. I don’t DJ often, but when I do, I use Reckordbox.
Haz. Perhaps in time we will reveal our methods, but for now, all I can tell you is that we love Ableton and Logic, and are BIG fans of several Native instruments plug-ins.
Carla. I plug in my speakers. That’s it.

Do you all have any artists in common that you look up to?

Ben. Not these days. Too many fake DJ’s out there just pushing buttons and throwing cakes.
Haz. Honestly, there are so many inspirational artists these days, I think we look up to a well produced and good piece of music, rather than just good artists.
Carla. Nope!

How about things outside of music, does anything else bring you together?

Ben. A few things I shoudn’t mention.
Haz. Ummmm….. Cough Cough *red eyes*
Carla. We’re all pretty free spirited and have a fun work attitude. I don’t think you’re supposed to be TOO serious about business cause that just sucks the life out of it. We all got into this cause it’s what we love to do.


What have been your favorite events to play at so far (as individuals or as a group)?

Ben. My favourite gig in my DJ’ing career is playing a main stage supporting act for Stanton Warriors.
Haz. We haven’t really played all that many gigs as a full group yet, as we are geographically challenged with Ben and I in New Zealand, and Carla currently in Singapore, but we are planning some very big sets and can’t wait to share the details with you in the near future!
Carla. I got to sing at the launch of the Jaguar F-Type in the Philippines in a beautiful golden gown. I felt like a Bond woman.

Being early on as a group, what would you like to see the group doing in 5 years time?

Ben. I’d love to see some radio play of our original tunes or playing a DJ/Vocal set to 1000 people.
Haz. Ultimately, our goal is to have people hear our music, and feel our groove. We want the world to be able to feel the emotion in music and express themselves to the majesty of audio delight. Can we give it to them? We’ll definitely try!
Carla. Making music that people can relate to. Music that brings people together. And music that allows people to express themselves. I also think that our music style would have evolved greatly over the next 5 years cause we’re all pretty experimental (pun intended).

Aside from d&b, what is a genre you could see yourselves each working on?

Ben. I would love to produce an upbeat pop house track for the fun of it. Maybe we can do an official remix of one of our own tunes!
Haz. As the name suggests, we are a gravitational experiment, we could sway ANY direction at this point. We love so much different music and incorporating all kinds of sounds and styles is definitely a goal of ours.
Carla. I’d love to dabble in reggae and ska. I grew up with No Doubt being my all time favorite band and I’d love to bring that kinda flavor back into the mainstream music industry.

What’s next?!

Haz. World domination…. right?
Carla. More music!!! More shows!!!