Most electronic music producers probably have some version of Sylenth1. Sylenth1 is by no means the perfect synthesizer, but it’s certainly ‘good enough’ and perhaps the best for certain sounds. Sylenth1 was one of the first synths I learned basic theory on, the most memorable and one I still find myself turning to! I feel the interface is very straight forward compared to some, especially in the beginning stages when you’re trying to wrap your head around how to tune oscillators and use automation. I think one of the main draw points of Sylenth1 is the community support. It sees thousands of soundbanks from artists like Vandalism, Adam Van Baker and Rob Lee as well as support from many labels and soundbank creators. On top of this, although the layout is nice and easy to manage, the standard skin feels a bit washed out. The community does attempt a rescue with many skins available and I felt an Auranoc themed skin would be a cool contribution. On top of that, packing it with some presets will be equally cool. Our skin was finished and ready for release, however, after being dormant since 2009, have announced Sylenth1 Version 3.0! 64bit for mac is now in beta testing with a Windows version soon to follow. In light of the new development, we decided its best to hold off and prepare the skin for version 3.0!

Here is a preview look at our skin design!

If you want to try Sylenth1 for yourself, a demo version is available! Grab it here.