Nick Collings & Greg Churchill Radio Comeback

Nick Collings and Greg Churchill are both New Zealand dance music living legends. They have experienced the coming, going (and coming back!) of genres, and have also seen the NZ dance culture morph from a time when dance music was nothing but underground, to a point where genres are harder than ever to define, as are the individuals listening! It was perhaps a matter of time before these two would join forces, and that time is now! Each having held very popular radio shows on other radio stations including UpFm and GeorgeFm, while  constantly performing at some of New Zealand’s biggest dance events including Our:House, Rhythm and Vines and Stereodays, they came to experience a frustration with how electronic music within Auckland City especially was represented.


With the desire to get back to the roots of the elements that made them fall in love with electronic music, Nick and Greg wanted to share the past, present and future through a more suitable platform. Radio Hauraki was a unique choice as although In it for the Kicks is the stations first electronic music centric show, much like dance music itself, the station has pirate beginnings! The lads are now in an environment that is not restrictive to their artistic goals while reaching out to a massive audience!

When you tune into In it for the Kicks, you can expect to hear unreleased tunes from loads of top artists, backtracks to classics that paved the way, interviews and hidden gems you’ll want to add to your collection. On top of that, together this duo are the A-Z on everything you may want to know about electronic music!
Catch the show 10pm-12am every Friday online at: and for all the good stuff head over to their facebook page